Piano Climate Control Devices

Watt for watt, our dehumidifiers use 1/2 the electricity of the leading brand & we also offer a free liftetime warranty!

Sluggish action - "sticky" keys - tuning instability - rust forming on your strings? Never worry about humidity problems in your piano again! These components are a very inexpensive way to protect your investment. A humidistat and appropriate placement of the dehumidifier(s) have proven to pay for themselves within the first 1-2 years by increasing tuning stability, thereby prolonging the amount of time between regular tunings. This doesn't even begin to describe the other benefits of good climate control; such as retarding sticking keys, discouraging or elminating rust formation on the piano strings and tuning pins, premature metal corrosion of structural hardware (harp/plate shoulder bolts, leg bolts/plates, lyre bolts, trap levers,etc.). As important, by keeping a constant environment for the soundboard and ribs, they both flex properly without risking glue expansion or failure. Retaining a constant climate within the piano will not only help retain value of the instrument, but may well hold off very expensive repairs in the future and encourage optimum accoustics of the piano itself.

5E0915AAutomatic Dual Humidistat - Fully Adjustable
Simply plug your dehumidifier into the humidistat and forget about it. This humidistat will automatically cycle when the relative humidity rises above your preset level (40-50% suggested) and will turn itself off when falling below. Installs easily with two screws (not included) and comes with a lifetime warranty. Unit features an optional outlet for a humidifier*.
*IPS, Inc. strongly advises against the use of any internal piano humidifier as there are much more practical, safer and cost efficient means for increasing ambient humidity within the piano. For those who either have or are considering adding a "piano humidifier" to the instrument, we implore you to talk to us first.
(we advise everyone to educate themselves on the application, wisdom and safety of evaporative systems (humidifiers) - particurlay when placed in a home with children, animals or persons with allergies or other respiratory issues)

Piano Dehumidifiers

Lifetime warranty!! Simple installation - complete instructions included. A humidistat (5E0915A) should always be used with any dehumidifier.

We offer the following suggestions:
grands under 5', use 1 dehumidifier
grands 5' - 6', use 2 units
grands 6' 1" - 7', use 2-3 units (if space permits, use 3)
grands over 7' use at least 3 units
Any number of dehumidifiers can plug into the same humidistat using a power splitter - available from any hardware store or building supply.

5E0916Dehumidifier 25w 36" (upright & console pianos)
for uprights and 6'+ grands
5E0917Dehumidifier 15w 36"
for spinets, consoles and small grands
5E0918Dehumidifier 25w 48"
for uprights & 6'+ grands
5E0919Dehumidifier 15w 48"
for spinets, consoles and small grands

Multinational Power Converter
Dual wattage foreign voltage adapter/converter converts 220/240VAC to 110/120VAC at 50 watts maximum power for electric appliances (piano lamps, dehumidifiers, humidistats, etc.) or 50 to 1600 watts maximum for heat producing appliances (electric hammer ironing tool, electric key bushing removal tool, etc.). Includes a variety of plugs for use in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North, Central & South America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Middle East, UK, Hong Kong and more. Complete with handy carrying case. Safe and reliable operation. Furnished with simple to follow instructions in both English & Spanish.

is the ONLY direct U.S. distributor who will give you peace of mind with a DOUBLE FACTORY WARRANTY ON ANY PIANO BENCH. LAMP, COVER OR STOOL purchased from us (we'll even pick up your shipping costs for repairs/replacement)

5E0920Multinational Power Converter

5E0924Flat Under-the-Key Dehumidifier 8w
For all pianos