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How to reach us:
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1005 Astoria, OR 97103-1005 USA
Shipping Address: (UPS, FedEx, etc.)
88 NewOctave Loop Astoria, Oregon 97103-1005 USA
Secure Ordering Anytime:
Phone Hours: 10:00AM - 4:00PM, most workdays
(Pacific Time Zone)
Order Desk / General Information: 1-503-325-0555
24 Hour Fax: 1-503-325-0860
Email (general inquiries only):

Prices referenced in our printed and PDF catalogue are current at the time of publication and do not include shipping costs, unless otherwise indicated. Please note that due to domestic and foreign price fluctuations for raw materials and supplies, be advised that prices are subject to change without notice. Always consult for the most current pricing and product availability. Upon placement of your order, you will be notified of any significant adjustment prior to processing or billing.

Payment Options:
Credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or UnionPay)
Money order, cashiers/certified check payable in U.S. funds to "International Piano Supply, Inc."
(personal checks will not be accepted unless approved in advance)
Open account (an application, including our open billing terms may be found at or can be sent to you by fax or mail upon request)

AS A ONE-TIME COURTESY, IF WITHIN 24 HOURS OF OUR ADVISING YOU BY PHONE AND/OR EMAIL OF OUR INABILITY TO POST PAYMENT FOR YOUR ORDER, WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR REPLY AND OUR BILLING OFFICE IS STILL UNABLE TO PROCESS PAYMENT, *A $20(USD) CHARGE WILL APPLY AS AN ADDITIONAL HANDLING FEE (1ST OCCURRENCE). *Subsequent declinations from the same customer will be charged a $30 fee automatically to offset our added handling costs (regardless of the reason) and will likely result in suspension of your account with us.

Order Requirements (The following policy applies to all purchases):
All new orders must be at least $35.00, not including service or shipping fees. Orders under $150 will incur a 5% service charge on merchandise only. At our discretion, a $10.00 handling fee will also be added on all new orders under $75.00. Please check your orders carefully BEFORE finalizing your purchase as once your order has been submitted to us for processing, it can not be modified or cancelled - no exceptions.

        (any item, no matter how small may be added to an existing backorder which has not already shipped)

Guarantee and Return Policy:
All merchandise is fully guaranteed (non-consumable hand tools come w/ a lifetime warranty). Pictures shown in our catalogue are meant as representations of the products offered by IPS, Inc., but should in no way be construed as full product definition or description. Nor does IPS, Inc. make or extend any warranty as to inconsequential changes in design, packaging or labeling which in no way adversely alters utility of product represented. IPS, Inc. reserves the right to substitute like items of the same or better quality/function without prior notice. Outdated product details do exist in many places including old IPS catalogs and outdated listings on the Internet. Always refer to for the most current product offerings and information. Should any item purchased from us fail to perform in accordance with its particular use, simply return it for exchange, credit or refund**.

Any product returned to us for credit or refund must have an assigned RMA (return merchandise authorization) and be in "new" condition with all hardware, packing and instructions (if any). Returned products must be received by us within 30 days of the original shipping date on your invoice. In the unlikely event that you receive product in damaged condition or an order with incorrect or missing items, you must contact us or the shipper within 3 working days from the date of delivery. Unreasonable delays in providing notice under such circumstances may void your claim of insurance coverage (included with all orders) and can also materially waive any right to corrective action by our company or the shipper. Shipping and postage costs are not refundable unless either of the following conditions apply: 1) our error in shipping address or product(s) or 2) warrantee service or replacement due to damage or corruption of digital media.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA):
All returns must be accompanied by an RMA which may be obtained by email or via fax (1-503-325-0860). Please allow 24-48 hours (excluding weekends) for your request to be processed.

Under no circumstances will RMA's be issued beyond 30 days. Any product returned without your assigned RMA# clearly marked on the outside of the package, along with your completed and signed RMA form enclosed with your return will be refused by our receiving department and returned to you.

By default, all purchases are processed in the order received. Expedited / overnight delivery is also available upon request - additional fees may apply (use the 'special instructions' box in your shopping cart @ to indicate any such instruction). Misdirected shipments and/or address correction, by no fault of IPS, Inc. will be chargeable to you per carrier imposition. Please check and confirm both your shipping address and your spelling carefully when ordering to avoid errors and/or additional carrier costs. Consult "shipping rates" section below to figure approximate shipping & handling fees.

At all times, we will do our level best to advise of backorders or longer than expected lead-times prior to or concurrent to dispatching your orde(s). Any item(s) backordered on your original order will be billed and dispatched separately* as soon as the merchandise becomes available. However, any backordered item valued at under $10.00 which can not be processed within 60 days from your original invoice date will automatically purge from our system without charge or further notice, unless othe arrangements have been made with us in advance.*
* special ordered goods and custom made products may not be cancelled unless excessive delays exist in which case, you will be advised accordingly.

Shipping Rates and Other Important Information:
1st and foremost, IPS does not charge sales tax on any product. Ever. Carriage fees for most orders shipped directly from our warehouse, delivered anywhere in the U.S. and valued at $200 or less will be generally be charged between $11.65 and $17.95 (primarily based on weight & destination but may be more for things such as oversized or odd-sized items, etc.). Delivery times will average 2-3 working days upon dispatch from our warehouse (most orders are dispatched via US Priority Mail and tracking information will be emailed to you immediately upon your order being dispatched) We will always do our best to oblige your requests to ship by UPS or FedEx (please use the 'special instructions' section within your on-line shopping cart to make such elections) and/or to expedite your order***. Orders of higher value ($200+) and/or those containing flammables, oversized items (e.g. pin blocks, continuous hinges) must be shipped by UPS or FedEx ground at prevailing rates and will generally take 2-6 working days to arrive. We will gladly oblige requests for expedited shipping and will always provide firm quotes on any order prior to billing, when requested. Very small items such as light bulbs, decals, etc., will usually cost no more than $5.00 for postage/insurance and will be sent 1st class mail. Products shipped in this manner normally arrive within 2-10 days.

IPS currently ships to 124 countries around the world (as of April 2015). Overseas shipments are generally dispatched by air or express mail (time in transit: approx. 3-10 working days). We do not ship by UPS outside the continental U.S. unless specifically requested to do so. On orders weighing over 11Lbs. (5Kg), FedEx may be elected if significantly lower rates can be negotiated over using the U.S. Postal Service to ship the same order. As we cannot adequately address all variables involved with overseas shipping costs prior to your order being presented (or at least a reasonable idea of its contents), we would only be able to offer our best estimate, assuming that we have enough information about the order you wish to place. Upon placement of your order with us @, please use the comments section in your shopping cart to request that shipping costs be emailed to you prior to our billing or dispatching your order, if preferred.

Please be advised that shipping charges do not include potential duties and/or import taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) which may be imposed upon delivery in your country. We suggest always contacting your local customs authority prior to placing orders to assure your prior notice of any added cost of importation. We at all times seek to practice good communications with our customers and will be happy to accommodate your requests whenever possible, but are unable to amass information from foreign governments to assist you with taxation and importation matters.

All orders are insured for full value and proof of mailing will always be provided you upon dispatch by email. As such, claims of non-delivery may not be held against IPS, Inc., including disputing any charge with any bank or credit card issuer if and until a formal insurance claim has been filed on your behalf. Waiting periods do vary, but may require a 21 day waiting period (up to 60 days in some cases for overseas shipments). You as the purchaser hereby agree to release and hold harmless IPS, Inc. for misdirected and/or delayed shipments by no fault of ours. Purchaser further agrees to be responsible for any and all additional costs and fees (up to $150.00; $75.00 minimum) erroneously imposed upon us for prematurely and/or fraudulently disputing our legitimate credit card charges. Any such sums shall be considered a "penalty", are non-refundable and purchaser hereby gives IPS, Inc. permission to apply any such charges to the same debit/credit card account as used for the actual purchase, without recourse.

No claim of non-delivery of merchandise may be made by the purchaser or their agent upon IPS, Inc. before a timely and proper notice has been afforded and as prescribed above, adequate time allotted for a formal inquiry and insurance claim to be filed on your behalf (under insurer guidelines). "Penalty" fees as outlined above will be imposed in addition to any other restocking or handling fees due, as defined under this agreement. Purchaser hereby gives IPS, Inc. the unalienable right to charge applicable fees as described in the previous paragraph prior to any resolution of the initial claim.

Once an order has been submitted, modification or cancellation will not be possible. Therefore, please check the items and quantities of all items in your shopping cart carefullly prior to submitting an order to us. Your order will be shipped to the exact address provided on your order - please check to assure there are no errors. Save for returned goods under a valid RMA, should an order be returned to us as undeliverable for any reason, you as the purchaser hereby agree to be responsible for all actual outbound and return costs (if any) imposed or paid on your behalf. In cases where an error may have been made by the carrier, we will of course do our best to attempt to reship your order at the carriers cost, as should be. However, should we be unable to do so, you will have the option of contacting the shipping company directly, providing us a new address and paying to reship the goods or paying an applicable restocking fee against the remaining refund/credit. Purchaser hereby agrees to release and hold harmless IPS, Inc. for any delivery delay/error once an order has been dispatched from our facilities.

**Unless defective, the following items are generally not returnable: Custom made, special order (non-stock) or finished merchandise, including, but not limited to benches & pads, lacquered caster cups, custom bass strings, piano covers, hammers, genuine Ivory (new or used), liquid polishes, cleaners, lacquers and adhesives. Copyrighted media, if damaged or corrupted, may be returned for exchange (same product only). A 15% restocking fee (20% for all non-warranty tool returns) will be applied for any product returned to us which was not a result of our shipping error. In the event that a product is returned to us for which defect is claimed, and we are denied the option to claim insurance, repair or replace the item, a restocking fee will apply and no refund of carriage fees will be made. Any amounts paid by us under promotion (free shipping, etc.) will also be chargeable to the customer in addition to restocking fees. A $15.00 charge will be assessed for any factory-packaged item (tuners, benches, lamps, etc.) returned to us without ALL original packaging and accessories intact. Purchaser further agrees that IPS, Inc. retains the unalienable right to refuse to credit or refund any return which in our sole opinion shows visible neglect or abuse by the purchaser, and not a matter of physical or functional defect. Finishing or physical marks for which did not appear upon first shipping from our facilities may be prorated or refused altogether, at the sole discretion of IPS, Inc. Finally, while a bona fide effort to notify the purchaser (via the email address provided on your account @ in such cases to assure your timely notice of our determination, the cost of returning merchandise to the purchaser under a condition of ineligibility will ultimately be the responsibility of the purchaser. Neither our determination nor subsequent notice under these circumstances is in any way a requirement or contractual incumberance of IPS, Inc. No obligation is asserted and no guarantee is made or asserted to purchaser that correspondence we send to the email address provided us has been received either prior to or subsequent to any chargable action or actual debit to your credit card or open account by IPS, Inc. As the purchaser of goods under this mutual agreement, implicit and unrestricted authorization is hereby provided IPS, Inc. to amicably settle any and all debts/credits which are due and payable under these specific terms of sale. Purchaser further understands and agrees:

    (1) No reservation of rights exist under this agreement, except where specifically cited herein or as prescribed/prohibited by law.
    (2) No form of arbitration, including the utilization of credit/debit card issuers may be elected to unfairly challenge the verifyable and honorable charges and credits made by IPS, Inc. A fee of $100 as liquidated damages will be charged to the account of any customer who does so without due and proper cause.

***If indicated in the 'special instructions' section of your shopping cart, a $20 "RUSH" fee may apply if expedited service is required.

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