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Who are we and how did we get here?

Our firm was established nearly 35 years ago in the Los Angeles area and became a very well known and highly respected piano tuning & rebuilding concern serving a quite vast region of Southern California; Santa Barbara to San Diego in the south and from Malibu to Palm Springs/ Palm Desert areas in the east.

Having a background in recording engineering and acoustical sound design, we also became quite active as technical advisors, working very closely with the film and recording industry. Our clients included CBS, United Artists and MTM studios, among others. We also were active in stage and studio work for many well known performing artists such as Spyro Gyra, Three Dog Night, Patti LaBelle, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel, Luther Vandross, Ronnie Milsap, David Benoit, America, Michael Franks, Shirley MacLane, Bebe & Cece Winans, George Benson and Stephanie Mills. Our early beginnings in manufacturing came from fabricating parts for obsolete "birdcage" (over-damper) and "square grand" pianos as production of replacement parts for these instruments had long since been discontinued.

From there, we began building an inventory of parts, supplies and tools for all pianos with the specific goal of providing a direct outlet for both trade and the general public. This idea did not fully develop until we realized that without also providing full product and technical support for implementation (unlike any other piano tool & supply company in the world), many people not having previous experience or access to proper training facilities to work with pianos would likely be unable or reluctant to perform many repairs themselves. So we began a pilot program offering free technical support. This ideology proved to be the key (excuse the pun) to our success and is now the mainstay of our company. As it stated on our catalogue page:

"We're here to be of service and our technical support is always free for any product we offer
(and even some we don't)."

We continued to build our inventory by forming alliances with major piano tool and component manufacturers all over the world. In 1999, IPS was acquired by NewOctave Corporation, a leading U.S. manufacturer of time-tested piano tuning & repair tools, cloth, parts and components for the acoustic piano industry. They can and have fabricated many parts for well known companies such as Yamaha, Baldwin, Gibson and Steinway and continue to do so today. Five years after integrating company resources, IPS was divested and is now International Piano Supply, Incorporated*, one of many proud distributors of now world-famous NewOctave GlobalTM brand products with customers in well over 120 countries around the world.

*IPS is among a very few core wholesale piano supply companies in the world fully versed in the art of piano tuning and rebuilding technology. Owning and controlling our own production and warehouse facilities allows the vast majority of our products to be produced, assembled and finished in-house and shipped directly from our 6-acre campus in Astoria, Oregon U.S.A. within literally hours of order placement.

With the impending onslaught of the electronics boom and the decrease over recent years in piano sales world wide (partially as a result), we felt that in order to keep pace with the market, we would have to include many items that are not necessarily "piano specific". It has always been very important to us that we "support what we sell". Such being the case, we sought out to contract with several professionals who are intimately familiar with industry advancements and current product trends to aid us in this area of expertise. Our firm now holds claim as the only direct piano supply house in the world to offer such products.

Among the many benefits of buying true factory-direct is the security in knowing that any questions or problems can be communicated directly with the manufacturer. Not only does this cure issues much more amicably and efficiently, but the free lifetime guarantee that comes with virtually all piano tuning, repair, regulating and stringing gear proves our level of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Drop-shippers abound on the Net these days. Please be cautious when dealing with vendors that hide their true identities and likely have no way to prove their experience or dedication. Websites can be put up easily. They shouldn't be confused with knowledge and integrity.

It is our sincere goal to make our company accessible to all who inquire. If you have a question, comment or suggestion as to how we can be of better service, we will do our best to surpass your expectations.

We thank you for looking us up on the Internet and hope that we may be of assistance to you in the future.
(IPS was the 1st full service piano supply company on the Net - now in our 15th year on-line)


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