Welcome to the International Piano Supply on-line catalog & secure ordering system @! We strongly recommend reading through this entire page before using our ordering system for the 1st time. It will help you better understand how our system works and will also help you navigate through some of the very unique features it has to offer.

Getting Started

To place your order securely with us, press the Set Up Account button on the main window. Please complete the form on the resulting page. (here you will only need to enter your name, address, phone # and select your password) Those fields marked with a are required. Other input fields are optional. Please note: we DO NOT share information about our customers with anyone - EVER. Nor will you ever be solicited in any way by providing your information to us.

Once you have filled out and submitted the form, you will receive an email with your login details confirming your account has been activated.
Once you have completed setting up your account, you've been registered and can now place your orders with us from this site!

Logging in & using our Ordering System

To place your orders, you must first Login*.
This increases security by assigning you a special session id (via a single cookie) and activates your shopping cart which will maintain the contents of your order while being compiled, even if you log off the system for several days (i.e. you can add 2 items, log off, go on vacation for the weekend and when you come back, they'll still be there just as you left them). You will find this special feature very useful for larger orders which you may not wish (or have time) to complete all during the same session; think of our system as an electronic shopping list, rather than an "you'd better order everything now, or start all over and do it again later" system, as most all on-line systems are. So, if you have cookies turned off, or your system is filtering cookies, you will not be able to use our system. Also, if you are on a network computer or online service such as AOL, MSN or Prodigy, the system may not function as expected due to permissions set by your administrator, not our site. Our system uses scripted pages (just as search engines do to serve up information based on your requests) to provide results based on your search criteria which can sometimes interfere with preset protocols for which you may have no direct control. If you are having difficulty setting up your account or logging in, try using a different computer off your network, another browser or even an alternate Internet connection. You only need to login if you are going to order on-line from this system. *it is not necessary to create an account if you only wish to peruse our products or pricing - in fact, it would be pointless.

Your login will remain active for 30 minutes from the time you last interacted with the system. This is a security measure. If you have logged in, and then leave your terminal for a while, and then come back... The next time you try to order something or view your shopping cart you may be greeted with a window saying you must login to access that feature. No problem! Simply login again, using the presented login prompt, then use your browsers 'back' button to return to the window you were in and try your function again.

If you believe you already have set up an account with us and can't login or don't remember your user details, Click Here. You will be taken to a page to enter the email address associated with your account for your password to be sent to that address. Again, the email address entered when you set up your account must match exactly with what we have in our system as this is the only method all automated confirmations and correspondence with you will be made. Finally, if you once had an account and have not accessed this system for 6 months or more, your account has gone "stale" and may have been purged due to non-use (it may also be that a different email address was used for the account originally - this seems to be a common mistake by some users). In any case, to reinstate an outdated account, all you need to do is create a new one again. In the event the system already shows your email address is "already associated with another account", then your account is probably still active and the problem is something else; likely your connection or cookies settings.


Most important, is a probably one of the more secure websites you'll ever visit on the Internet. Not only is our system proprietary, but we own, house and operate our own servers and ALL security protocols. There is no 3rd party beyond our core organization who can even access our computer code, proprietary data or even the user information you provide us when using our system. Even credit card information provided us is manually migrated to a completely off line, stand-alone system and deleted off the server. In other words, unless your own computer has been compromised, it would be virtually impossible for anyone other than you or us access any information you provide us while on this website - in truth, someone would have to physically break into our offices, breach our password protections and even then, somehow gain access to anything which would compromise your safety as our customer. We also have Network Solutions Secure Site $1,000,000 guarantee behind us!!

Concerned you don't see a lock icon on your computer when on our site? You shouldn't be. The reason some browsers may not always show a lock icon or other symbols while on some websites is based on what the browsers are looking for, not what they can't see. In our case, this is likely due to the framed pages you see provided for ease in searching and ordering from our site. You can always verify any website's security protocols by right-clicking on the page to view security settings (i.e. "view page info" or "properties"). Also, all websites which feature https in the front of the www or web address are secure (this is precisely what the "s" means).

Once you've logged in to your account, you may search our catalog just like normal. However, you will now perceive one important change... the part numbers on the left-hand side of your screen are now clickable! (this is how you add products into your shopping cart which will open in a separate window or tab on your screen) Always remember that you can only use one of the search windows at the top of your screen at a time to look for products (i.e. if you are using the key phrase window on the left, you can't also use the name/part# window on the right in combination at the same time).

When you click on the part numbers, they will be added to your shopping cart*. A shopping cart status window will display the contents of your shopping cart. Every time you order something, this window will be updated.
*the shopping cart will open a new window or tab in your browser - not necessarily on the same screen

Editing Your Cart

Once you have added parts to your cart, you may edit your cart by pressing the "View Shopping Cart" piano icon. This button will bring up a new window and display the items in your cart. Each item number will be displayed along with a part number, the current count, and a running sub-total. You may edit your cart by changing the count of items for any line. To delete an item, set the quantity to 0 items - don't forget to refresh your cart (see below) to effect the change.

About your shopping cart

Your shopping cart is a special file on our system that will be deleted if it has not been accessed in 2 weeks. This means you can login, order a part or two, then leave... come back in a couple of days, login again, add something, go on vacation for a week, come back and finish ordering your parts and submit the order. The system will remember your order for you in between login sessions. (remember the proprietary stuff we mentioned above? - this is just an example of some of the very cool things you can do when using our system)

Saving your changes

Whenever you make changes to the quantities in your order (including any instructions you have entered into the "comments section" at the bottom of your shopping cart) for things like hammers, bass strings, overseas shipping charge requests, etc., you must refresh this page by pressing the "Refresh Shopping Cart" button at the top of your window to save all changes and re-display your cart. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER AS WE DO LOOK FOR THIS INFORMATION.

Adding more items to cart

You do not need to get rid of the shopping cart window to add more items to it. Simply go to your other browser window/tab, and click on new part numbers to add them. Your Shopping Cart will automatically update.

Finishing your Order

Upon completion of your order, press the "Proceed to Checkout" button at the top of your shopping cart window to take you to our Terms of Sale page for you to review and accept. If you agree, press the "Proceed to Checkout" button at the top of this page. If you will be paying by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), the next page wil allow you to securely enter this information and update any billing or shipping information as well. When finished, press the "Proceed to Checkout" button at the bottom of the page (DO NOT press your back button and press this button ONLY ONCE or multiple orders may result). Your order is now complete and a confirmation page of your order will be displayed showing that your order has been sent to us for processing. The system will also email a copy of your order at this time. By the time you have received this email, your credit card information has already been premanently removed from the server (yes, we are hacker safe - are you?)

Deleting your order

If you changed your mind, and wish to delete the entire order, you may do so with the "Delete This Order" button. You will be asked to verify that you really wish to delete the order before it will proceed.

If you have product questions or need additional help with ordering on this system, please email us. If your question(s) is/are more of a procedural or technical nature and not associated with this site, please contact our technical support department @ 1-503-325-0838 (staff is generally available Tue-Thur, 12-3PM PT). This is a free service.

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